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El Solar Polo

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A bit of El Solar Polo:
Working young horses at El solar
Working young horses at El solar
 El Solar Polo, attracts polo player from all over the world, London, Cyprus, France, Spain, Beijing and so on.
We concentrate heavily in polo riding priority letting the player loose with the stick.
Once they are reasonable riders, we teach them to stick & ball safely.
Once they are able to control the horse and stick & ball simultaneously, we play beginner ckukkas, long and instructional.
Attached you will find an example:
Miss England

Miss England-playing polo in El Solar

 El Solar focus on entrepreneurs that want to play local polo initially until they are confidence enough to play on the main polo circles.
El Solar Polo also focus on make thoroughbred polo ponies in London, Shangai & Argentina.
Miss England-stick  balling for the first time
Miss England-stick  balling for the first time
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Stick  balling young horses in El Solar
Stick  balling young horses in El Solar
Stick  ball at El Solar
Stick  ball at El Solar
Teaching Miss England to Ride-school  a polo pony
Teaching Miss England to Ride-school  a polo pony